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Enigma Virtual Box is a file system virtualization software that allows to embed multiple files that your application
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7 November 2010

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File system virtualization is a technology that is used in many type of tasks by different user which can be a professional developer or rarely a simple home user. The system allows an application to work with Operating System and access its files without actually making any modifications or reading these files. For instance, if you have an application which has an external dependency of system32 folder, then virtualization technique can embed these external files into a standalone package to emulate the presence of such files for the application. The feature comes built in inside latest OSes in popular Windows series. Enigma Virtual Box v.1.20 is a program which provides complete file system virtualization solution.

Enigma Virtual Box allows a developer in packing the files that the main application need to access into a standalone package portable and executable on any system, and keeps the complete functionality of the application intact, without requiring access to the actual files in the Operating System or any other on disk. The program has a single window interface in which you can just browse and select paths for input and output files which need packing and the respective files can be added from a dialog box. After this, you can check/uncheck compression settings and hit the Process button for final conversion. The program does not extract temporary files on the disk and the whole process takes place in the process memory, thereby resolving any external dependencies. You can add a multitude of types of files for packing like ActiveX and COM Objects, Dynamic Link Libraries, Media Files in various video and audio formats, and different document files.

To sum up, Enigma Virtual Box v.1.20 is a nice program for emulating complete file system in a virtual environment and provides easy functionality, leading it to score four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Enigma Virtual Box is a file system virtualization software that allows to embed multiple files that your application is using into single executable, keep same file workalibity without having embeded files on the disk. Enigma Virtual Box supports any kind of files, Dynamic Link Libraries (*.dll), ActiveX/COM (*.dll, *.ocx), Video/Music (*.avi, *.mp3), Text (*.txt, *doc) and so on. It does not extract temporary files on the disk, files emulation process is performing only in the process memory.
How does it work? Enigma Virtual Box injects all the file you wish to embed to the main executable with together with a special loader. The loader executes before the main code of applition and hooks some system API that allow to read/write files and get it's information. When your application tries to access embeded file, the loader recognize this and return necessary data. This was your file becomes to work same, but without having files on the disk.
Why Enigma Virtual Box? Enigma Virtual Box is a first freeware application that allows to emulate file system. Compared with other commercial products that contain same functionality - Enigma Virtual Box has even better performace, stability and quality.
How to start? Enigma Virtual Box has a very simple interface. Simply select input (main executable of your application that will be embeded) and output files, and the files you want to embed. Then click Process button and try resulting exe file!
Where it can be used? Enigma Virtual Box can be used in any application by any reason, just some ideas:
- make your application more flexible by builing it into single executable file
- protect files of your application agains modifying and illegal copying
- hide dynamic libraries and it's functionality
Enigma Virtual Box
Enigma Virtual Box
Version 1.20
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